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大乐透走势图(带坐标):Polymer absorbent paper

大乐透走势图体台网 Polymer absorbent paper said again: diapers chip, sanitary napkin chip, high polymer absorbent paper, SAP absorbent paper, polymer composite paper, is to use SAP super absorbent materials, non-woven fabric, air-laid paper compound and into. Care products and adult women is thin, the best choice for baby diapers, diapers.

Polymer composite absorbent paper is widely used in sanitary products, such as women's sanitary napkin, mommy wipes, baby diapers/plate, adult nursing pad, prevent excessive pads, etc. Such products was greatly mild, miniaturization, comfortable, brought the Gospel to people, is a health products can not be replaced in the field of the ideal product. It is mainly used for women's sanitary napkin, sanitary pads, baby diapers, urine pad, adult urine pad, health care, clothing, etc. Chip ?

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